E-Poster Presentation Awards

Students and Dentists must submit until November 21st
To be eligible to submit your poster, please register for the Conference


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Scientific Poster Guidelines



Submitted abstracts will be evaluated and the top 10 posters will be announced as the finalists who will be entitled to present during the conference in front of Judges.

Only submitting author will present and get a certificate.

Non-confirmation of author to present on the specified time will disqualify his/her nomination and will be replaced by the next ranking candidate.



Author must be in the dental field, either a Dental Student, Intern, Graduate Student, General Dentist, Dental Specialists, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistants, or Dental Laboratory Technicians.

Submitting the same abstract by two different authors will cause excluding of both.

A plagiarized abstract is disqualified.


E-Poster Format:

Electronic poster or E-Poster is similar to traditional paper poster but displayed on a large LCD television screen.

This is not a paper/printed poster. It will be viewed at the E-Poster Stations throughout the conference.

Each E-Poster must be submitted as a single page PDF document with a size of 1080 by 1536 pixels or 381 by 542 mm in portrait orientation.

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